Weather protection

Your crop yields are directly linked to seasonality, the environment your plants are in, and weather conditions. While we know the seasons in advance, it is important to provide weather protection.

You can create the right artificial environment, but managing weather conditions remains difficult.

Prolonged exposure of your seedlings to the following elements will cause problems:

  • The sun burns leaves and can reduce crop quality,
  • The wind dries out leaves and creates friction that can physically damage crops,
  • Heavy rain can damage leaves and fruit,
  • High humidity can encourage the development of disease and mould,
  • Hail damages or destroys growing crops, but also injures branches, buds and stems, leading to decreased yields.

Protect your crops from the weather

We offer a comprehensive range of nets to improve your management of these events and provide your crops with an optimum microclimate for maximum yields. This will also help you reduce treatment and irrigation costs.